Passive Audio Distribution. Single balanced line level audio source drives 24-isolated XLR and 8-1/8” unbalanced mini audio mic level outputs.

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The RCI Model BM-24 is a 24 output, portable “Broadcast Media Multi Box”. The unit enables a single line level audio source to feed 24 audio outputs with balanced isolation.

The input of the BM-24 is designed to operate at a nominal line level of +4dBu. The outputs provide a nominal mic level of –46dBu. The outputs are highly isolated to preAluminum 1 RU Vent trouble in one media member’s cable or equipment from affecting the audio received by other media members. In addition to the 24 XLR balanced outputs, the unit provides mini phone jacks (also highly isolated) for unbalanced equipment.

Up to three BM-24’s may be linked together via the “Input Mult” connection, providing up to 72 balanced and 24 unbalanced outputs. The BM-24 is a passive device requiring no power, and is maintenance free. Additionally, the unit is housed in a rugged attaché case, which also provides storage space for a microphone and cable or a small mixer.

Designed for broadcast industry use, the BM-24 is a proven workhorse backed by years of reliability in the field. Please contact factory.


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