RCI requires Vector art for all graphics work, including Silk Screen, Print to Panel and LED Logo Panels.

How do you recognize a vector image if you didn’t originally create it? 

Some common vector file formats include:

AI – Adobe Illustrator

EPS – Encapsulated PostScript

DWG – AutoDesk

PDF – Portable Document Format

Why does RCI only use Vector Art?

Digital graphics come in two varieties, raster and vector. 

Raster graphics are built from individual pixels. Raster images cannot be blown up without sacrificing quality. As a raster image is enlarged, it will become blurry and lose definition (pixelization). While you can sometimes still screen print using raster images of sufficient resolution (size), vector images are more versatile and ensure a higher quality finished product. 

Vector graphics are built with mathematical formulas, typically using Adobe Illustrator, CAD or CorelDRAW.  Vector art provides the highest quality images, and allows for scalability. The big benefit of designing with vectors is that you can scale up or down most artwork virtually infinitely with no loss in quality, or pixelation. This allows RCI to scale your graphics up or down to fit any panel size at any time, with the same high quality on every project. Vector files are also smaller in size and are more easily shared.

Note: PDF and EPS files can be vector or raster. Sometimes graphics created as Raster images are saved as a Vector file type, which of course does not result in vector graphics. An easy way to tell the difference is to zoom in very close on the image. If it stays smooth at high magnification, it’s likely a vector image. If it pixelates, it is raster art.

What if I don’t have Vector Art for my logo?

RCI is here to help, and can create Vector art from most any file type. Additional charges will apply. Please speak to an RCI representative for estimated art work charges.

For a quote email us at quotes@rcicustom.com. If submitting a file larger then 10 MB with your quote request, please ask for a SharePoint.


Contact for quote @ quotes@rcicustom.com