Active Audio Distribution. Single balanced line level audio source feeds 16 balanced mic/line switchable outputs.

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The RCI BM-16DB is a 16 output portable active Broadcast Media Mult Box, designed with the needs of the professional news, conference and production organization in mind. The BM-16DB enables a single mic or line level audio source to feed 16 mic/line switchable outputs.

The balanced input of the BM-16DB is mic/line switchable and designed to operate with the line feed from a mixer or directly with a microphone. Phantom power is switched on in the mic position. A level control and VU meter provide the means for setting proper output level, adjusting for various source levels. The 16 balanced XLR outputs are mic/line switchable. Additionally, 1/4” phone, RCA and mini outputs are provided on four of the sixteen outputs for unbalanced equipment. The outputs are highly isolated to preAluminum 1 RU Vent problems in equipment connected to one feed from affecting the other feeds. Multiple BM16DB’s can be linked together via the link output XLR.

The BM-16DB is powered by 120 VAC 60 Hz. Alternately, it may also be powered by four 9V batteries (approximately 2 1/2 hours at full load with fresh alkaline batteries). The batteries serve as a backup power source when used with standard AC power, automatically going into battery backup under power failure.

Designed for professional broadcast industry use, the BM-16DB utilizes high performance Jensen® transformers. Housed in a rugged Zero Haliburton aluminum case. 220 V. European adapter available. (Model # XXXXX)


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