Wall Mount or Freestanding. Most commercially available equipment racks are designed as Heavy-Duty freestanding or even wall mount racks. Throughout the years, many of our design/build customers have required racks that weigh less and require less depth than most available options due to smaller rack gear, and less of it. RCI has been able to assist with the design and fabrication of lightweight, shallow depth equipment racks that are typically used in high visibility and high profile installs such as conference rooms and high-level home studio. Our racks can be made of lightweight aluminum and can be finished with attractive yet durable Powder Coat Finishes. The Design Team at RCI is prepared to help you create the right rack for your needs, or we are happy to build from your specification. May include special requirements such as solid or see-through doors, locks, connectivity, color or style factors specific to the application. 

Please note that custom racks do not come with any architectural, electrical, or structural certifications that may be required, and RCI Custom assumes no responsibility for obtaining such certification, unless agreed to in writing.


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