RCI Custom is well known for precision panel graphics.   But sometimes, you just need to label something, and you need it to look professional.

Labels are used virtually everywhere. Restaurants, Office Buildings, Racks, Airports, Schools, Studios, and Stadiums. Signage and Labeling is required everywhere. Some even requires ADA compliance. 

Fortunately, there are nearly limitless methods and means to make labels and signage. Labels and signs can be produced using many different materials for use on panels, in floor boxes, racks, on doors, rest rooms … anywhere specific information needs to be.

Look over the many materials and processes shown below, and speak to one of our helpful customer care representatives to get the right labels or signage for you.

Lamacoid – thin colored plastic layers that allow engraving through the top layer to a bright layer below

Brass – May be engraved, engraved and filled, or printed on. Often used in Marine applications, and high end commercial and residential applications

Coated Brass – Thin black powder coat brass that is engraved to reveal the brass layer 

Aluminum – Thin powder coated aluminum that is engraved to reveal the shiny aluminum layer

Acrylic – May be laser etched, providing an opaque text area that can be illuminated or stand alone 

Braille – Text is translated into ADA compliant Braille Grade II and created using small acrylic balls pressed into milled holes


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