Printing & Engraving

High Quality printing and graphics has long been the hallmark of RCI Custom. Explore  our many options and offerings, and how you can use them to increase revenue and improve the corporate brand and image of your business.

Graphics and Marking for Your Business

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custom printed rack panels

Perception is reality. Quality graphics and marking — whether identifying your connectivity or showcasing your company logo — will make your company stand apart from your competition.

How Can This Improve Your Business

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  • brand

    Your Corporate Brand

    Your name and logo are your corporate brand. There is no more reasonably priced way to promote that brand than by adding it to your work. Make sure customers and potential customers know your name by adding your logo to each and every install.

  • brainstorm

    Your Calling Card

    Ensure that customers contact you for future Service and Sales needs. Adding your website, email, telephone and other contact information to a rack header panel is the most effective way to promote your business and keep your customer.

  • shared-vision

    Your Image

    Define your image to the market. We can provide everything from a basic one color panel showing your company name, to multi colored complex graphics showcasing your corporate brand and contact info. We can even illuminate any logo or graphic!

Graphics Options for You

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  • P2Plogo

    Print to Panel

    The best choice for multi colored or complex graphics showcasing your corporate brand and contact info. No upfront costs for screens or dies. Large or small quantities. Best quality.

  • LEDlogo


    The most eye-catching of all options, Illuminated graphics are the “go to” for your premiere integration and touring work. Illuminate logos, consultant and integrator contact info - the sky is the limit. True full color graphic images brought to life with LED lighting.

  • bm24 rcilogo

    Rotary Engraving

    Rotary Engraving is available for both Metal and Plastic products. Engraving is an economical method of marking for short runs of products, especially aluminum and lamacoid. Typical in most Mil Spec work, and can be provided with a contrasting ink fill, or simply engraved through the finish to the shiny metal below.

  • LaserMarking

    Laser Marking

    Laser Marking is an excellent choice when you are looking for precise repeatable marking. Perfect for black anodized aluminum, black and white powder coat finished aluminum, and Stainless Steel. A very durable finish and very high quality - works well for large and small quantities.

  • SILKlogo

    Silk Screen

    The best option for larger quantities of basic graphics. Requires the one time purchase of a Silk Screen and frame, but is easily repeated on future orders.

    Check out video to see our process

  • braille 1g wall plate


    Ask about our Braille translation and printing service. RCI follows American Standard II Braille protocol, and uses boring and balls to provide ADA approved Braille when needed for ADA compliance.

How our Process works for you

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abstract graphic of panel design
abstract graphic of panel design
abstract graphic of panel design
abstract graphic of panel design
abstract graphic of panel design

Some Portfolio Pieces

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Featured Products

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Offerings that might Interest you

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Product Offering

Wall Plates, Panels, Electrical Box Covers, Rack Panels and Accessories, Broadcast Distribution Boxes, Enclosures, Mounts and so much more. Browse this area for your perfect solution, or use these pages as inspiration for your unique custom solution!

Custom panels

RCI Custom is globally recognized as a leader and innovator in Custom Plates and Panels. Rack Panels, Wall Plates, Electrical Box Panels, Truck Panels, Studio Panels...the list is endless. We even provide free design software to get you started. RCI Custom makes Custom easy.

Custom Services

Work with our experienced design team to bring your concept to reality. OEM/ODM work, Metal Fab, Laser Cutting and Marking, Custom Wiring and Cable, Fiber, and Graphics. Bring us your concept, or upload your ready to manufacture drawings - we will work with you to create the perfect solution. Creative ideas turn into finished products.  It’s that simple.