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The RCI Story

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RCI Custom was founded by President and CEO Doug Macuch in 1991 with a clear and simple objective: Provide top grade professional connectivity solutions on time, and at a reasonable price.

Over 30 years later, RCI Custom is recognized as both an innovator and leader within the Professional Broadcast, Audio and Video industries. Pioneering the business of pro grade custom solutions, RCI is best known for setting the standards for quality product, on time delivery, and competitive pricing.

Creator of the industry's first online panel design and quoting tool PanelBuilder and the current PanelBuilder SE, RCI has consistently raised the bar to meet the needs and demands of our customers. From panel design, wiring, and signal distribution, to speaker mounts and enclosures of all types, at RCI, custom solutions are not a sidebar opportunity - it is what we do.

Located in Frederick, Maryland, USA, RCI is 100% American owned, utilizing 100% American labor and American Metals, and is a registered ISO 9001:2015 small business. Staffed by industry veterans, RCI employees understand your business, and care about your needs. You will know our staff by name , and they will know you.

Quality, Value, Delivery. Experience difference RCI Custom makes for your business.

What Matters To Us

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    Priority #1 at RCI Custom is quality. As a certified ISO9001:2015 small business , RCI has strategically built in Quality Control at every step of our process. From documentation, to engineering, production, finish and shipping, we strive to get it right the first time and every time.

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    We know that as the last piece of the puzzle in almost every application, plates and panels are critical to job completion and customer sign off. We promise to always do our absolute  best to meet our estimated delivery times. Ask about our expedited delivery options when you are feeling the pressure. 

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    RCI is committed to providing quality products on time and at a competitive price. Quality and On Time Delivery do cost more, but trust that RCI is committed to being competitively priced at all times. If you find that we missed the mark at any time, please let us know!

Meet the Team

Meet the RCI Custom Team

Quality Products

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Product Offering

Wall Plates, Panels, Electrical Box Covers, Rack Panels and Accessories, Broadcast Distribution Boxes, Enclosures, Mounts and so much more. Browse this area for your perfect solution, or use these pages as inspiration for your unique custom solution!

Custom panels

RCI Custom is globally recognized as a leader and innovator in Custom Plates and Panels. Rack Panels, Wall Plates, Electrical Box Panels, Truck Panels, Studio Panels...the list is endless. We even provide free design software to get you started. RCI Custom makes Custom easy.

Custom Services

Work with our experienced design team to bring your concept to reality. OEM/ODM work, Metal Fab, Laser Cutting and Marking, Custom Wiring and Cable, Fiber, and Graphics. Bring us your concept, or upload your ready to manufacture drawings - we will work with you to create the perfect solution. Creative ideas turn into finished products.  It’s that simple.