RCI Custom Products PST Series DT12 panels provide a fresh and innovative solution to a broadcast standard.

The new RCI Custom Products PST Series DT12 panels are a specialized and robust solution designed for efficient and reliable broadcast audio distribution in Stadium and Arena settings. The SA-DT12XX-PST not only addresses issues with the most common failure point; it prioritizes ease and time of installation by eliminating soldering and associated risk with on-site assembly. Each unit comes prewired with solder points between the Multipin DT12 connector and parallel XLR connectors, terminating with Phoenix Contact Headers, mounted securely to the exclusive RCI Custom flanged bulkhead at the rear. Incoming wiring can be securely fastened to the RCI Strain Relief Lacing panel after the included, mating Phoenix screw terminal contact plugs have been attached. Comes standard with an attractive black powder coat finish, and choice of custom engraving or designation strips for connector identification. Optional 45° ”doghouse” mount for Multipin connector available for strain relief. 

RCI Custom Products is committed to innovative collaboration with our customers. The PST Series DT12 panel is the latest example of that effort.