RCI Custom Products

Job Description

Shop Apprentice 


Shop Apprentice is a mechanics trainee with mechanical aptitude and basic understanding of common hand tools, machinery, and safety practices. The Apprentice is capable of physically performing all manual tasks associated with the manufacture of custom and standard products manufactured within the shop. Shop Apprentice reports directly to the Metal Shop Department Supervisor.


  1. Ability to follow directives
  2. Willingness to learn about the operation of manual and CNC shop equipment including punches, shears, brakes, milling and laser marking machinery
  3. Willingness to learn about the assembly and finish processes of RCI product, including manufacture of stock, parts installation, cleaning, engrave backfill, QC, shipping prep
  4. Good interpersonal skills
  5. Good written and oral communications skills
  6. Good math skills
  7. Ability to focus on specific tasks
  8. Ability to work effectively in a fast paced environment


  1. Operation of basic shop machinery including:
    1.  Hand punch
    2. Shear
    3. Sanders/Grainers
    4. Miscellaneous shop machinery
  2. Operation of Computer Numerical Controlled and other Machinery, including:
    1. Datron Machinery
    2. Press Brake
    3. Punch Press
    4. Laser Marking Machine
    5. Laser Cutter
  3. Quality Control – responsible for inspecting finished product to:
    1. Ensure quality of material
    2. Ensure the quality of engraving and back fill
    3. Ensure the quality of connector installation
  4. Assist with Electronic Assembly, Engrave filling, parts assembly
  5. Compliance with all OSHA hazardous materials and safety procedures
  6. Compliance with the RCI ISO9001:2015 Quality policy and manual
  7. Shipping prep including QC and packaging of product with appropriate paperwork
  8. Shop cleanup
  9. Any and all other duties as assigned by management.

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